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CRAFTSBEG is the online spot for hand-picked design and art. We have been collecting hard-to-find and limited-edition design products and art pieces, available via We are international team searches the best emerging designers and artists creating all around the globe stunning contemporary art and design. Our prime criterium is strong curatorial selection. 

CRAFTSBERG presents hard-to-find and unique products from several designers and artists. We're constantly on the lookout for new design and emerging art which sets itself apart from others on the market, pieces that are elegant, simple and timeless enough to unassumingly and daintily integrate into day-to-day lives.


- About-




For us ‘exclusive’ doesn’t mean crazy prices and unaffordable luxury.

We believe that good prices and best quality at the same time are possible.

The clue is fair business model.

- transparency - 


We spend endless hours searching for the best designers and artists around the world to make sure that we find the ones who share our values.


Transparency, openness,handmade, unique, not industrialized works, no made in China labels, no cheap labour solutions- that’s the our philosophy. We are very selective before we call somebody our Partner. 


From the day one we decided to break common retail rules. Disruptive thinking is in our DNA. We know that our clients like to question status quo too.


That’s the approach behind every product we offer and every designer and artist we work with.




We believe that company’s costs and profits shouldn’t be a secret. At Craftsberg we reveal our cost and profits and we are sharing this information with you.


We decided to be only online to eliminate middleman expanses. That allows us to offer prices that are 30% - 70% more attractive than traditional retail prices and to share our saving with you and charity we support.


 Of course business is for profits. But it’s also for fun and for sharing. We are lucky enought to get proper education and hove opportunity to live in the comfort to learn and doing great business


But we are aware that not everyone has luck. From the day one it was obvious for us that we want to support education, spacially in emerging world.  That’s why we decided to share 1% of every purchase you make with our partner charity who helps children in developing countries get an education.




It was the autumn of 2013 when a 31-year-old Emilia Stankiewicz gave up her prestigious job in Harvard Business Publishing and moved to London to work for one of the biggest global pharmaceutical companies and to write her Ph. D. in behavioural economics.

She had not expected how this story would end. After few months she was in the middle of setting up new e-commerce venture.

The passion for great design and art, which she was brought up with, and seeing the lack of disruptive approach in industry, she decided to use her knowledge, share her passion and energy by setting up Craftsberg.

That’s how she started the new adveture.*


* She never looked back and she’s still learning.


- our costs & profits - 

sustainable transparent costs and profits

- concact - 

We are usually online so this is how you can catch us.


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