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Maja Starakiewicz and her group on Polikultura Festival


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Maja Starakiewicz and her group on Polikultura Festival

Emilia Stankiewicz

Oak and Reed Group whose member is illustrator Maja Starakiewicz showed its project during "The Multipied Mirror" during Polikultura Festival.  "The Multipied Mirror". Besides Starakiewicz in Oak and Reed team are Karolina Styczeń and Arek Stokłosa. A multimedia show based on legendary Polish novel from 18th century "The Manuscript Found in Saragossa". Main character's terryfying adventures lead the audience to a misterious labyrinth ruled by omnipotent Sheikh. The atmosphere is permeated with erotic tension between the traveller and charming twin ladies. What will happen to them? Who are they? There is no certain answer - as it turns out people can be demons, demons can be people. Show makes use of live drawing, animated mapping and hypnotic music to tell this story or, to be more precise, multiplied stories, crossing and scattering constantly.
Music by Arek Stokłosa