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Emilia Stankiewicz

Poland’s Solina dam located in Bieszczady Mountains, southwest Poland, with 269-foot is the tallest dam in Poland. For decades has been collecting dirt and grime on its walls. Until owner, PGE decided to change it.

PGE worked with the one of the most eminent comic book artists Przemek “Trust” Truściński.  They decided to design a giant eco-mural in reverse graffiti technique, honoring the wild and plant life found in the Bieszczady Mountains. The piece measure 300 feet wide and 177 feet tall.

The eco site of the project means the only needed tool twas high-pressure water—no paint required. Men suspended from cables blasted water from power washers to “erase” the grime and create,the texture of fur on a giant wildcat and scales of fish.

The early pioneer of reverse graffiti (or clean graffiti) is a Brithis artist Paul „Moose” Curtis. Similar artworks are also being created on the sidewalks near the dam, according to a statement from PGE, and the mural is expected to last at least a year.

Moose said ( Financial Times) that he began in 1999. Working with just a sock and a dirty tile he’s since switched to using a power washer. Cooperate with the London government, international groups like Greenpeace and anti-gun campaigns, as well as advertising agencies.

Other than traditional graffiti, reverse graffiti also sits in a murky gray area between creatively cleaning a space and vandalism. The philosophy behind reverse grafiti, as Moose said, It’s refacing, not defacing. Just restoring a surface to its original state. It’s very temporary. It glows and it twinkles, and then it fades away.