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4 ideas wow to re-use wooden wine box in your garden


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4 ideas wow to re-use wooden wine box in your garden

Emilia Stankiewicz

It was a warm Sunday morning during the last long weekend, when I went to Chiswick Car Boot Sale, one of the biggest car boots in South East London whose history begin in 1984. More than 100 cars went on Chiswick School grounds at Burlingtone Lane bias a vis Chiswick House. People from the close area went there with a big shopping bags and those from the other boroughs arrived in their cars. Morning coffee and a smell of english breakfast was perceptible all around.

I went there with no specific plan, just to hang around a little bit and to enjoy the atmosphere of the event. But you know, that went you went on car boot you will come back home with something special in your hand. That was this time.

I have found a beautiful, old wooden wine boxes from France and because it’s still a gardening time I decided to buy a few, renovate and use them as a pot and a a caffee table. Adding such a boxes to your garden you’ll gain a spectacular shabby chic style which will be a perfect concrast for elegant or classic design. And your garden will be up to date with the newest design trends.

Try to add some extra accessories like garden lamps, stone pots and simple, warm blankets and you’ll get a really stunning effect!


Next Chiswick Car Boot Sale will be on 2nd of October 2016

Chiswick School, Burlington Lane, London W4 3UN

(though the car entrance is on Staveley Road)

OPEN: 8am - 12:30 pm