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8 tips on Hanging and Installing Artwork


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8 tips on Hanging and Installing Artwork

Emilia Stankiewicz


Artwork installation is much more than a few nails and a white wall.
Here, how to do it beautifully and safely, with the best possible aesthetic effect.

tip 2.

Tip 1

Select a wall space where your artwork will be safe from direct sunlight. Otherwise you might find your fine art damage and with glaring reflections.                                                 

tip 3.

Tip 3

Consider the colour scheme of your space and a color story of the fine art carefully.
Fine art materials and colours can have a huge impact upon your interior. Decide if you’re looking for harmony or stark contrast.                                                                                  

Ben & Cat Photoshoot

Tip 5

Consider the layout of a group of artworks carefully before hanging. If you want to mix sizes, you’ll need a few bigger pieces to ground it, as well as a few smaller to round it out. You need to have horizontal, vertical and square. When hanging a series of artworks of the same size, a grid formation looks fantastic. Check carefully if the gaps between the artwork are all equal.

tip 7.

 Tip 7

Protect your fine art from direct heat sources such as radiators, electric heaters, areas such as bathrooms, steamy kitchen areas and spaces with poor ventilation.The temperature around fine art must be constans and not high! As the same the moisture and humidity.

tip 1

Tip 2

Keep at least 3 - 4inches of space between each piece. Start with the large-scale artworks and make sure that they do not compete for attention. Fine art should be positioned to complement mood of the room.

tip 4.

Tip 4

Installing artwork at the right height is very important. The museum guideline suggest 156cm from the floor to the centre of the image. This may depend on the size of your wall space. The rule is that art should be hung at “eye level,” except if your ceilings are really low or if you’re really tall.


Ben & Cat Photoshoot

                                                                       Tip 6

To avoid unnatural and awkward result, make sure that the position of your artwork is not in direct line with door frames and furniture in the room.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 


Tip 8

Put up your art, then stand back and take a photo. Try to not to have any emotional connection to it. Look at that photo and consider if the picture you’ve made would paperer in a magazine.