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From PR to the international brand. The story behind Boomini.


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From PR to the international brand. The story behind Boomini.

Emilia Stankiewicz

Full of passion, energy, very open and direct. That was my first impression, when I meet Joanna Kruszec, CEO of Boomini dollhouses, experienced PR Manager, a mother of three kids and businesswoman with strong vision.

We have meet in Warsaw, Poland.




1.    What made you become a designer?

I think everyone is born with certain traits, in my case it was the love for beauty: the art, music, fashion, nature. I’m a sybarite, so it came natually that I was looking for a job that will be nothing but a pure pleasure for me. Once, while visitng MOMA in New York, I saw an exibition with scale models of houses and it was the spark to create Boomini brand.


2.    You started in PR, where you have a wealth of experience. Where did the idea of creating Boomini come from?

I like challenges. It was naturally linked with the time in life I was in. I set up a family and became a mum of 3 kids. Own company was giving me the freedom to plan my time and decide when I work, when I cook dinner and when I go for a walk with my awesome 3 kids.


3.    Here’s what characterizes your houses: precision and high quality of materials used. How do you create and make your products?

From day one I knew that quality will be the thing that will make my products stand out from others. I always admired miniature Vitra chairs which are collectible furniture. If one can produce beautiful miniatures, why shouldn’t I make beautiful toys? To do so you need skills, knowledge and know-how, tools, precision and passion. I started to build a team.

Our houses and furniture are made in a small factory, where all of them are carefully hand-made by a few specialists. We import plywood for some items from Finland. It’s fascinating to think that a few centimetres’ big stools are made from such a big piece of plywood slab. Once cut, they go to paint shop, where they are painted with watercolour paints, which are save for kids. Once painted, they come back to be assembled, after that they are packed and are ready to be sent to their new owners.  


4.    Who or what has had the greatest impact on the style of your works so far?

Boomini White and Boomini Wood models are projects of Adam Kozik, the architect who worked on the architecture and Ola Wołczyk, the interior designer, who designed the interior.

Before we started our cooperation, I knew projects of both of them very well. Adam is a visionary, I knew his project would be something totally innovative and I wasn’t disappointed. Ola has a great taste and sense for style; her projects are minimalistic but always well thought through and with meticulously worked details.


5.    What are you most passionate about in your job?

People’s emotions when they see Boomini for the first time. A cheer of joy, wonderment and disbelief that the fridge is opening and the oven has a grill and there is a plug in the bath.

I’m happy I’ve created a product that brings adults and kids closer together. That mum enjoys cooking a kind of dinner in miniature kitchen with worktop from corian and dad’s reading a mini-book about how to eat a breakfast in space, for instance. Oh, as I forgot to add: Boomini has its own publishing house with a dozen or so original books!

During all fairs I attend I can see that one of the most favourable ways of playing, by kids and adults, is setting up the house as they wish. It’s very creative activity, which teaches spatial imagination, and is very relaxing!

6.    Do you have a guiding principle, a rule that applies to your work?

Yes, my favourite is ‘do it with passion or not at all’ and ‘if you can dream it, you van make it happen’.

I think ‘small things make me happy’ suits me as well, which sounds fantastic in the type of the job I do as it applies not only to small pleasures but also to all miniature things which I’m surrounded by.

7.What’s your passion outside work?

Currently I spend more time with my kids. I try to show them the world, help them discover their passions, which on a different note sometimes results in finding a new hobby for myself. For example, by taking my son to tennis classes I started to love this sport and now I’m playing myself. I read a lot, I love mountains, fashion and travelling.