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Fall in love with a ceramics. We're talking about passion, talent and design with Ewelina Wisniowska


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Fall in love with a ceramics. We're talking about passion, talent and design with Ewelina Wisniowska

Emilia Stankiewicz

photo: It's Nice That

It's was a small, full of light and clay ceramics studio in Peckham, London where I've meet Ewelina for the first time. She made me a cup of tea and started talking about her work. I was delighted, because it wasn't just a story about daily work in ceramics studio but about real talent and passion.

1. Your life is tied with London. You studied ceramics here and your studio is also here. Additionally, you also have a studio in Warsaw. How does this experience translate into your work?

I have been living in the UK for almost ten years. Time goes really fast when you are busy. I finished my degrees in London. I worked here on my own work but also gained a very valuable experience from having a studio.  Doing it in a new country can be a challenge but also it builds up your confidence and teachs you new ways which have big influence on the work you create but also how you think about it.  Recently I moved back to Poland, where I am planning to focus more on my design work. Working as a freelancer means freedom to be based anywhere. 

2. You are an incredibly talented artist who’s been recognised internationally and who works for the most famous ceramics studios in the world i.e. Rosenthal. Have you always been close to ceramics?

Ohh that’s very kind of you to say that, however I do not think I am there yet. Indeed, I finished a project for Rosenthal recently which will be launched at Ambiente 2016 in Frankfurt.

 I think I am at the beginning of my journey. However it’s important for me to keep the right balance between work and my personal life.

My first contact with clay was at my art high school. I choose ceramics as my main subject without knowing much about it really. I choose it as I loved the idea of working with this material, but also I always was fascinated with domestic objects, specifically traditional porcelain tableware.

3. Where do you find inspiration for your works?

I look into architecture, buildings, scaffoldings etc.  I love the construction elements in it. Nature I think would be the other one I look into. Especially ice, I find it beautiful and so complicated in structure. I love to look behind the facade of things to see the deeper image, how its build etc.

4. What are the features of good ceramics?

Hmm I think good ceramics needs balance of the innovative idea and makers skills equally. For me personally, if it is a domestic object it needs to function well and whether it is art or design, it needs to express the time.

Philip Rosenthal said ‘looking through history, the value lies in the people of the time expressing the time. Items which are copies of art and designs from other periods have little value’.

5. Who or what had the biggest influence on your style and your works? 

It changed a bit. Edmund de Waal and Gwyn Hanssen Pigott were important to me when I started throwing. Later on as I was moving more towards design I started looking at places like Rosenthal, Vitra, and independent designer like Patricia Urquiola and Ronan &Erwan Bouroullec. 

6. What are you most passionate about in your work?

The ability to create something that, hopefully, other people can use in their everyday life. Also, what I like from working as a designer is that you can move on to something new after you finish one. You can try different things constantly.

7.  What is the next project we can expect from Ewelina Wisniowska?

We’ll see what the future brings but I am working on developing my Euclid range, but also I’ll be looking for more possibilities for collaborations with the industry.