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GLASS DECODED. The making of modern classic.


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GLASS DECODED. The making of modern classic.

Emilia Stankiewicz

Karkonosze is the mountain region in Poland just a few kilometres from the Czech Republic border. This is a region famous for its bohemian glass - globally recognised, high quality craftsmanship, beauty and innovation. This is also a home for Sebastian Pietkiewicz, Polish artist working with glass since 2007.


His hand - cut, engraved and blown crystal glass is pure art. Sebastian is working with lead crystal which is the finest glassware. Beautifully clear, elegant and glorious, it’s sparkling and shines with rainbow colours when light goes through it. The secret of this magic is lead oxide where the minerals cause the glass to have light refraction which gives stemware a sparkle.


Sebastian’s uniqueness, originality and an eye for detail is visible everywhere, also expressed in his endless and successful efforts to have stem and foot of wine glasses cut in an original, unique and unrepeatable form. There’s only one man in Polish and Czech mountains who can do this.

Sebastian Pietkiewicz’s glass unique artisanship remains at the highest level and is internationally recognised and valued. 

Various kinds of glass, decanters, bottles, wine glasses and jars are available here